Young Entepreneurs Hub | About Us
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Who We Are

Young Entrepreneurship Hub (Y.E.H) is a platform that provides real time entrepreneurial access to young Zimbabweans who want to venture into business. YEH connects the young Zimbabwean to vital connections that are necessary in business operations of this modern world.

Our Core Values


All our actions are guided by
transparency, honesty, fairness and gender
sensitive policies


The company aims and delivering the
best and excellent service to our clients which will
be helpful to them.


The company will look into businesses
from different sectors and ring out the best in them

Positive Societal Impact

The company will be helpful to the society and the community by helping the young people who are struggling and following the laws of the country.

Our Vision

To be the entrepreneurial hub that upholds vital connections which will assist Young Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs to establish their own enterprise.

Our Mission

To create jobs and make new job opportunities through the discovery of young entrepreneurs who will be groomed and mentored on how to start businesses and manage them.

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